How Chatbots are Transforming the Customer Experience Landscape

Today’s world is fast and competitive. Customers want to resolve their issues instantly. Gone are the days when customers used to reach out to a company’s helpline number to troubleshoot their problems. Organizations, too, are stepping up their game to deliver better service to their customers. This fast-paced, competitive market has put Customer Experience (CX) under the spotlight. 58% of organizations worldwide revealed that they perceive customer experience as a primary competitive differentiator, according to Statista.

Technology is the key enabler in delivering a superior customer experience in today’s market. As more companies embrace digital transformation, the number of technological solutions to deliver and enhance customer experience (CX) is also increasing significantly. Chatbots are one of the most crucial tools for enhancing CX – when used systematically, they prove to be a highly effective tool in driving customer engagement – from setting up meetings and answering FAQs to generating leads. 

Chatbots are changing the way organizations interact with their customers. Here are the top ways chatbots enable organizations to enhance customer experience and subsequently improve customer satisfaction:

24*7 availability

Chatbots mimic human agents with the help of NLP and AI – but one of the best advantages of chatbots over human agents is their 24*7 availability. Humans are limited by their capacity to function over a long time during the day. Chatbots, on the other hand, are always available. AI and ML help chatbots continuously learn from previous customer interactions and improve their responses. Once chatbots are programmed with clear business logic, they can do an efficient job of processing many of the basic customer needs. For interactions where discretion is needed, chatbots can transfer the conversation to a human agent.

Faster processing and reduced wait times

32% of customers say they will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience, according to a report by PwC. Instant replies and faster processing times have gained significant importance in the services industry. Many consumers today get easily frustrated with longer wait times. This is where chatbots play a decisive role. Chatbots can process requests faster than humans, reduce errors, answer FAQs from large knowledge bases, improve task completion rates, and keep the conversation with the customers engaging. Make sure your strategy includes rich FAQs and knowledge banks to make it truly useful for customers. This enables organizations to provide an instant response to the customers any time of the day, thus impacting positively on the customer experience that translates to better customer satisfaction and retention.

Personalized human interaction & improved engagement

One of the most common misconceptions about chatbots is that customers might perceive their responses as robotic and lack the human touch. This can’t be farther from the truth! Chatbots can be programmed to give them a personality and ability to converse in different styles – like friendly, humorous, snarky, etc. Such quirks add the human element to the chatbot and bring an interesting flavor to the conversations. Another significant advantage of leveraging chatbots is its ability of historical learning from conversations. Chatbots can quickly extract necessary information about the customer and contextualize the conversation. This allows the customer to avoid the hassle of explaining their details and makes the service delivery easier and efficient for the organization. See how AmplifyReach’s multilingual conversational chatbot becomes your first line of engagement for customer support, FAQs, setting qualified meetings, lead capture, sales and marketing.

Improved Responsiveness To Customers

Interactions with helpline personnel can get tiresome at times. Reporting an issue to the concerned authorities and being patient enough throughout the problem-solving process can be stressful for both the customer and the helpline executive. Chatbots can go a long way in dealing with such situations. 

With reduced wait times and contextualized conversations, chatbots can address multiple customers at the same time, and provide relevant and satisfactory answers to the consumers. At the same time, customers, too, feel more assured of getting accurate information about their queries through chatbots. Deploying chatbots enables organizations to relieve their workforce of mundane conversations and allow them to focus on critical tasks, all the while improving their customer satisfaction scores (e.g., NPS score.)

One of the most critical requirements of designing and deploying chatbots for customer experience is to understand what customers expect from the chatbot and the organization. At AmplifyReach, we’ve made it our mission to enable organizations to fundamentally change how they engage with their customers. We believe that understanding customer intent is the first step in the journey of enhancing customer experience. Talk to us today to understand how we can help you in your journey of improving the customer experience.

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