Chatbots for Sales: Why and How

Did you know the global Chatbot industry is expected to grow by $1.73 from 2021-2025, at a whopping rate of 29%? That’s right! Chatbots are quickly becoming the must-have tool for every organization, irrespective of their industry or size. 

Though the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation initiatives of organizations worldwide, another business focus has gained more prominence: customer-centricity. Every organization today is keen to more clearly understand its customers through various digital channels, and conversational AI and Chatbots are playing a bigger role in providing superior customer experiences.

Conversational AI is one of the hottest trends today and is transforming the way brands communicate with their customers. While jumping on the Chatbot bandwagon has multiple benefits, many organizations are keen to map their customer experience initiatives to their sales funnels. But can Chatbots be leveraged to enhance sales? The simple answer is yes. Here are six ways Chatbots can support your sales funnel: 


Round-the-Clock Assistance

If you’re selling products (or pretty much anything), it’s imperative that your website uses a Chatbot. Being a 24/7 point of contact for your organization, it must provide visitors with round-the-clock assistance. Your Chatbot can also assist multiple visitors, answer FAQs, and provide relevant and timely information – just as you would do for any potential customer. 


Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is critical for the sales funnel and can have a direct impact on your conversions. Chatbots are primarily known for enhancing customer engagement and extending customer support as they are programmed to proactively start conversations with users. It is also possible to “brand” Chatbots by aligning their tone to your brand voice and influence prospects to potentially turn them into customers.

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Lead Management

Generating leads through various digital channels and campaigns can be difficult; but this is where Chatbots can intervene. They can be deployed on various platforms to not only support lead generation but also lead nurturing. For example, if you use a Facebook Messenger bot, it can directly interact with visitors and even request certain information. A significant benefit of using Chatbots for lead management is their ability to work continuously and simultaneously with multiple users. The data collected from Chatbots can also be directly passed on to sales teams for lead nurturing or as qualified leads.



Personalization is a crucial part of your sales strategy – from enhancing customer engagement to purchase completion – and provides significant benefits. Chatbots can leverage data and have personalized conversations with users and boost user interest in your products and help drive lead conversion. In addition, personalized Chatbots can also support you drive traffic down your marketing funnel, gain more reach, and increase engagement with your content. 

Sales Pitch

Are Chatbots capable of sales pitches? Absolutely! Suppose a user on your website wants information about a specific product, Chatbots be trained to interact with them, display relevant product information, or even redirect them to respective product pages. Also, an added advantage of deploying Chatbots is that they can initiate context-specific conversations. This opens opportunities for you to advertise your products, offer discounts, and provide loyalty bonuses to repeat customers. 


End-to-End Journey

So you’ve got your prospect towards the end of their buyer journey but they still need a nudge to complete the transaction. So why not use Chatbots? Though Chatbots can provide support across the sales funnel, they can also help complete sales by sending reminders and notifications to users and even redirect them to payment gateways. In fact, our Chatbots are integrated with transaction gateways that will allow you to seamlessly complete your sales processes.

As customer-centricity gains more significance in a new business normal, Chatbots can play a major role within sales. By automating many repetitive and tedious tasks, which do not require human interaction, your sales and support teams can focus on other aspects like customer nurturing, retention, and satisfaction that can eventually translate into shorter sales cycles.
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