Chatbots, HR, and the Future of Employee Experience – Part 2

This is the second blog in the series “Chatbots, HR, and the Future of Employee Experience”. In the previous blog, we explored how Chatbots are transforming the recruitment function.

In this blog, we explore the benefits and use cases of Chatbots for leave management, and how it impacts employee experience.

Part II: Leave Management

Employee Experience (EX) is one of the most significant challenges for the HR department today. The pandemic exposed the gaps in organizations, and employee experience was an area significantly impacted. Many people believe that EX is one of the most important factors that measures an organization’s success; and that it is a direct reflection of the organization’s values and beliefs. 92% of HR leaders consider employee experience as their top priority in 2021, according to Forbes.

Leveraging Technologies for Employee Experience

Successful organizations take their employee touchpoints seriously – they make themselves more inclusive, flexible, and employee-centric. Technologies like AI and Chatbots are playing a vital role in these EX initiatives. Leveraging Chatbots has multiple benefits in enhancing employee experience – it helps organizations to provide a 24×7 touchpoint to their employees, answer FAQs, provide an absence management system, and so on.

Chatbots and Leave Management

With remote work becoming mainstream, managing employee leaves can be challenging for organizations. On the other hand, the employees, too, face issues with getting their leaves approved on time, checking their available leaves, and so on. Chatbots can prove to be a great tool to manage employee absence, while keeping their experience front and center. 

Chatbot Automation for Leave Management

Intranet systems provide businesses with a decentralized approach to sharing organizational information across the workforce. Many organizations have a comprehensive intranet system that enables them with knowledge management across the workforce. By integrating Chatbots into the intranet portal, organizations can converse with their employees through personalized messages over platforms like WhatsApp, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. AmplifyReach Chatbots seamlessly integrates with such platforms for effective communication. Employees can check their leave balance, apply for leaves, and check the approval status of their leave applications. 

With Chatbots, managers can get a holistic view of their team’s leave calendar, check for company holidays, manage their team members’ shifts, request for a leave calculation based on holidays and working days, and integrate with third-party calendars like Google Calendar to synchronize the team presence and enhance productivity. HR managers can log on to the system, detect the pending approvals, and interact to approve the pending requests. This approach helps the HR department save time and address leave requests on time, thus elevating employee experience.

But Chatbots can do much more in this space – employees can also converse with the Chatbots to ask questions regarding the organization’s leave and attendance policies. Organizations can set up a knowledge bank that can enable Chatbots to answer FAQs instantly. Did you know that 92% of HR teams agree that Chatbots will be important in directing employees toward finding the information they need in the future? Organizations can also leverage Chatbots to monitor the daily attendance of their employees by adding features such as daily punch-ins, punch-outs, and breaks.

The HR department has various complex processes that directly impact the smooth functioning of an organization. Technology and automation are becoming mainstream across various functions of the organization, and HR is no exception. By automating processes like leave management, the HR department can focus on critical aspects of employee experience and employee retention. The new normal is all about digital transformation and intelligent automation – back your EX initiatives with AI-enabled Chatbots and prepare for the workforce of the future! Talk to our experts today to learn more about AmplifyReach’s expertise in Chatbots.

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